Thursday, 5 July 2012


Can't wait for the new Goot collection to arrive in stores, not long now!!! So many pieces that I am going to purchase it's insane, definitely one of my main favourites that i won't be able to live without is the bomber vest - I'm so in love with them. Botanical prints, A-line skirts, structured blazers you can't not fall in love and although they are such powerful pieces they are something you will keep forever. I have the clean silk bomber jacket and i live in it so i can just imagine how much wear i will get out of this. One of my favourite designers who honestly gets better and better every season and never lets us down.


The best JOSH GOOT piece i have ever bought was the Clean silk bomber jacket!!
Some people don't get the concept of this jacket but those who get it know that it's a must have stand out jacket and a great piece of eye candy for everyone else!

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